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Dudhy Instruments(2010-04-13)
This Site Is under process.And near to complete.

New instruments(2010-05-15)
this site is under Test.

again test rom asif

Sobre nosotros

Dear Visitor,

First of thanks for your time.

We Feel Honor to introduce you as a real manufacture of Hairdressing Scissors, Nail Cutters, Nail Nippers, Nail Files and Beauty Manicure Sets.

We confirm here that we have been manufacturing these implements in Pakistan since the last more than two decades and are world recognised for its quality.

We have ISO-9001standards implemented.

We can supply these instruments in the best quality as per International Standards but on the most competitive prices.

If interested in our offer please do not hesitate and contact us for prices and more information.

Thanking you and hoping to have long term and lucrative business relations between our two companies, we are,


Khalid Mahmood


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